Sailing onward to toy shopping inclusion: Flagship Toys™ launches new e-commerce store to solve retail diversity issue

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Flagship Toys™ launched a new e-commerce store on Tuesday, Oct. 1, with a head start of the 2019 holiday shopping season. The online retailer aims to provide consumers of color with an inclusive shopping experience. Customers can choose from an assortment of in-demand toys from popular brands and items from independent artists.

Flagship Toys offer an array of culturally appropriate products that can appeal to a broad ethnic demographic. The online store’s categories include action figures, dolls, games, books, and bedroom décor. 

“Some children may not feel represented during playtime because of the lack of diversity in the toys stocked at their local stores,” said Whitney R. Spann, Flagship Toys LLC founder. “The goal of the brand I’ve created is to promote inclusivity.”

Catering to children and teens ages 0-15 years, Flagship Toys is an American and minority-owned business registered in the state of Georgia. The company operates solely as an e-commerce store at Orders are available for domestic shipping with international shipping available in the future. Shipping is free and fast, with customers receiving their orders within 2-5 business days.

Customers that support Flagship Toys’ mission can join the company’s partner program and earn a commission from new customer referrals.

About Flagship Toys™

Flagship Toys LLC is an American and minority-owned online retailer. The company specializes in selling toys, books, and art that appeal to children and teens of various cultures and ethnicities. Flagship Toys’ mission is to stock a range of quality dolls and action figures that accurately represent Earth’s diversity, which includes children of African, Asian, Latinx, and European descent.

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