We're onboarding volunteer Social Media Content Specialists!

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Exciting News! Flagship Toys™ is in search of volunteer Social Media Content Specialists.


This is an unpaid opportunity for toy, video game, movie, cosplay, and collectible enthusiasts to be heard and grow their resumé. We are seeking a diverse assortment of Social Media Content Specialists to create unique social media posts for our brand's social media channels that include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a volunteer opportunity where you can set your own schedule; however, we expect you to dedicate at least two hours per week to create new posts to be shared across our social media channels. This is a remote opportunity, which means Social Media Content Specialists can be located anywhere in the world. 

Why should I volunteer with Flagship Toys?

We understand the word "unpaid" isn't something anyone wants to see. This is a volunteer opportunity and not employment. However, select Social Media Content Specialist will be able to partner with an up and coming online retailer, which we think is super exciting. You will have a platform to gain new skills and be creative. Love everything Marvel? Hate the direction of the film industry? Want to show off your growing collection of dolls? We want to read about it and so does the toy and collectibles community! Flagship Toys™ will share your approved social media posts to our growing community. What better way to gain hands-on experience?

Will there be any incentives in the future for being a volunteers?

At this time, we do not have plans to offer incentives to our volunteers beyond gaining hands-on experience writing posts. However, things could change as our brand grows and we're open to your feedback on how you'll like to be compensated if that changes. 

Why do you want volunteers?

A) We are a new online retailer and that means we need exposure to grow our business. Social media posts help build a community and drive traffic to our website. This simply helps our brand grow. 

B) We don't want to onboard just one Social Media Content Specialist. The community we serve is diverse and we want the content we post to reflect that. This is why we are onboarding multiple volunteer specialists that are passionate about toys, movies, cosplay, games, or whatever fancies them. 

Will it cost me anything to participate?

No! You will not need to pay or create an account to be a volunteer Social Media Content Specialist. Social Media Content Specialists will be granted access to our appropriate Google collaboration documents to share their social media posts and provided with our support email to communicate with us. This is an assignment you will be able to do from anywhere, such as your home office. Select Social Media Content Specialists may be granted a company login for our social media accounts to post and moderate content. All specialists are required to provide images/video when appropriate that either they themselves created and have granted Flagship Toys permission to use OR they have personally requested permission from the image/video creator to use (Flagship Toys will always follow up with the original content creator to ensure permission is granted). Social Media Specialists will never be asked to pay for content or media to be used in their posts. Any such actions are the sole decision of the volunteer specialists and they will not be reimbursed by Flagship Toys

I noticed you were hiring for a blogger. What's the difference between that job and this volunteer opportunity?

This is a non-paid volunteer opportunity to create short engaging posts to be shared on our social media channels. The position we are hiring for writers/bloggers on Upwork.com is a paid freelance contractor opportunity which is different. The writer/blogger opportunity requires professional writers to write articles for our website's blog and Medium.com account and not for social media posts. However, our team does share links to those articles across our social media platforms to promote them. 

How soon are you looking to onboard volunteers?

Now! This is an ongoing opportunity. 

Who qualifies and what is the application process?

We prefer experienced content specialists, which means you currently utilize a digital platform to share your voice. However, we are open to onboarding enthusiastic writers and influencers with no experience. You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of your application in order to be selected. We may require proof of age. This is a remote opportunity, so you can create unique social media posts from anywhere. There is no signed contractual agreement in place for this role, so you can submit your posts as much as you want or stop submitting when you want. Your work must be original and encourage positive engagement with our brand. We do not accept plagiarized work and have the right to reject content we don't feel is suitable for our community. Social Media Content Specialists are required to ask permission from the original content creators of images/video and written content before they can include it in their social media posts to avoid copyright and plagiarism claims. Specialists should be fluent in the English language (being able to write in a language other than English is a bonus). 

How to apply.

If you like what you read, please send an email our team at support@flagshiptoys.com to express your interest. In the subject line of the email state you are interested in applying to be a volunteer Social Media Content Specialists. If you are selected, we will reach out to you with details on next steps. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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