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You can earn money by referring new customers to Flagship Toys!

Are you interested in earning commission from sending new customers our way? Well you're in for a treat! Our referral program is now open for new partners. It's simple - Share your knowledge about our products to your friends and family. Earn commission from your referrals that make a successful purchase on our website. Get paid! Referral commission is paid out every 30 days - no minimum requirement. Payments are sent directly to your PayPal.  

Our mission

Flagship Toys™ is an American and minority-owned toy retailer proudly serving Earth's diverse cultures. We specialize in offering toys, board games, action figures, dolls, video game accessories, and art that reflect all children. 


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What to expect

As a partner for Flagship Toys™, you will be driving traffic to our e-commerce store, The traffic you drive to our website must be legitimate traffic that leads to sales and not just clicks. This means that it is important partners focus on targeting the appropriate demographic that is likely to make a purchase. We're a toy store - this means that we primarily carry toys, costumes, children themed art, action figures, dolls, and children's bedroom decor. Toys are primarily aimed at children; however, children aren't making online purchases - their parents are. Thus, we are primarily interested in traffic from parents and adult collector's (ages 18+, male and female).

Our product 

We carry a range of items, with more products to come! At this time, we carry a lot of popular mass-produced toys, with some niche products. Our product selection is expected to greatly increase in the coming months so that we can accommodate holiday shoppers. Our goal is to increase our popular toy selection, but also to carry more niche products that will reflect our diverse ethnic customers, cosplayers, anime fans, hobbyist, and collectors. Niche customers are willing to pay higher prices for products, which could result in higher commission for our partners. We stress the importance of being mindful of our target demographic.

Pricing for the products we sell can range from as low as $10.00 to as high as $300. At this time, we do not intend to stock products higher than $500. We aim to affordably price our merchandise. Most of our sales average at about $20.00 per order. We offer free shipping on all of our products and we do not currently have any active coupons or discounts available(subject to change for any reason). We only ship within the United States of America, which does not include US territories such as Puerto Rico. Partners should not direct traffic to our website from customers that live outside of the USA or have shipping addresses outside of the USA. These types of visitors will not be eligible to make a purchase.

Payments and earnings 

Currently, customers are able to make purchases using VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. In the future, we plan to accept Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Partners of Flagship Toys can expect to earn a commission of 1% from the total of every order successfully placed on our website (not including shipping costs, tax, discounts, or other fees). *This commission rate may be subject to increase for top referral performers. Customers referred to our website will have 7 calendar days from their first visit to make a purchase in order for a partner's commission to be granted. It's important that partners only drive traffic that is likely to make a successful purchase. Note: We can only track a referral if the unique referral link assigned to the partner is used by the customer. If the customer chooses to visit our website directly at or the partner fails to provide the appropriate referral link in their promotions, we will not be able to track who referred the customer. 

Partners will be paid their earned commissions once a month (every 30 calendar days - starting from the first day of the month) and receive their earnings to their PayPal account. *Our refund policy is listed on our website and subject to change without notice. At this time, customers have 30 calendar days to request a refund of their purchase (which may include a full refund, partial refund, or store credit/gift card). We do not offer exchanges at this time. We keep record of all refund requests in order to prevent fraud. Partners must ensure the traffic they refer to our website is from legitimate customers. If we notice that customers referred from our partners are attempting fraud, such as requesting refunds for reasons we deem suspicious, using invalid payment, using fake addresses, or taking other fraudulent actions, we have the right to suspend the partner from our program and hold commissions that have yet to be paid. To be clear, we will ban partners that refer illegitimate customers that try to help partners fraudulently earn commission and/or customers that purchase products via fraudulent means. Unfortunately, we are aware there are some dishonest partners that attempt to participate in fraudulent actively in order to gain commissions. We keep a close eye on all transactions and activity.

Requirements and Summary of our referral program

Required location demographic

All referred traffic must be from residents of the United States of America. We do not ship outside of the USA or allow purchases from non-USA addresses.

Preferred referral traffic demographic

Parents of young children and pre-teens

Adult toy and figure collectors

Individuals 18 years of age or older

Male and Female

Commission paid

1% of total purchase value after discounts (Total does not include shipping costs, tax, discounts, or other fees applied to order – all orders must be successful purchases).

*Some customers may be eligible to receive a refund of their purchase up to 30 calendar days from purchase. Refunded orders will not be processed as successful commissions to partners. If a partner receives a commission from a purchase that is later granted a refund, we hold the right to withhold earnings that equal the commission previously paid out from the following pay period. For example: Customer John is referred by Partner Sally and he proceeds to make a purchase valued at $10.00 before tax and fees. Sally earned 10 cents from John's order. Within 30 days of John's purchase, he successfully requests a refund. During Sally's next pay period, 10 cents is subtracted from her total commission earnings. If Sally does not earn any commission during the next pay period, Sally does not owe the 10 cents until she earns a commission with Flagship Toys™ again. 

*Top referral performers may be eligible for a commission percentage increase or a bonus payment. Details to come. 

If you are interested in participating in the Flagship Toys™ referral program, please click the 'Register Now' link to complete registration


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