The Santa Claus Board Game

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Open the game and be transported into the wonder, excitement and joy of Christmas with an emphasis on giving gifts, not getting them.

Each player chooses a sleigh filled with presents, teddy bears, dolls, and treats. Then travel around the winter wonderland game board and give presents to others. Along the way enjoy activities such as singing a favorite holiday song, twirling like a snowflake and belting out your best "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Fun for the Entire Family!

Great board game to play with young kids during the Christmas holiday season! The game play is super easy to learn. After playing once, children can play on their own.

For ages 3 and older, 2 to 4 players.

The Santa Claus Game includes: 

  • 1 Winter Wonderland Game Board
  • 1 Christmas Tree and Stand
  • 4 Sleighs
  • 4 Santa Game Pieces
  • 20 Presents
  • 1 Die
  • Official Rules sheet


  • HOLIDAY GAME TEACHES KIDS ITS FUN TO GIVE! The Santa Claus Game lets your children play as Santa and belt out their best “Ho Ho Ho!”
  • A HOLIDAY HIT THAT’S FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Each player chooses a sleigh full of teddy bears, dolls and treats. As your children play the game they will deliver presents, sing holiday songs, and twirl like a snowflake.
  • PERFECT FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES! When the holidays come this game will be a great way for children and adults to have some fun and cut loose!
  • PLAYERS: For 2 to 4 players. AGES: 3 years and up.
  • GAME DURATION: 15 to 20 minutes



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