Our Mission


Flagship Toys™ is an online toy store that is solving a problem that many customers of color face when purchasing toys for their children or themselves. Many brick and mortar stores do not sell merchandise that reflect their local demographic. Customers tend to buy products that positively represent their culture or ethnicity. This preference also applies to the toys customers purchase - particularly dolls and actions figures. Flagship Toys carries a variety of board games, books, toys, and artwork that appeal to a broad ethnic demographic. Flagship Toys' mission is to stock a range of quality dolls and actions figures that accurately represent Earth's diversity - This includes ensuring children of African, Asian, Latinx, and European descent feel represented during playtime. Our customers are guaranteed to find an assortment of in-demand toys from popular brands, in addition to products from independent artists. We carry affordable products the entire family can enjoy. We stock kits and models for the savvy collector. Thank you for choosing Flagship Toys as your toy store. Sail onward!


W. R. Spann

Founder, Flagship Toy